Friday, January 26, 2007

How can i tell if someone is investigating me?

Top 6 clues that you are being investigated by a private investigator:

1. You've filed an insurance claim, are a fugitive or are involved in litigation.

2. Friends, family, co-workers and neighbors indicate that they had a call or visitor asking about you.

3. Your credit report shows an unfamiliar query.

4. You see unfamiliar cars in the neighborhood. They often appear before you leave for work. Someone is sitting in the car or it is parked in an unusual location (i.e. a vehicle may be parked curbside even though there is plenty of driveway parking space at adjacent residences). The vehicle has unusually dark tinted windows and, while it may appear that no one is in the car, you can see or hear that the engine is running. You observe a car following you.

5. You get frequent calls indicating the caller has the wrong number or the caller hangs up after you answer- especially in the morning if you are a "late riser."

6. You find an unusual black box attached to the underside of your car, in the fender wells or hidden in the bumpers.

Now, if you are a private investigator who is extremely upset that I have just posted this article- you shouldn't be asking me why I would write this, you should be asking yourself how you can do a better job at not getting caught.


Lena said...

What does number 5 mean, the phone calls? Why do they call, and why "especially late morning if you are an early riser?"

Anonymous said...

So they know you are still at home and can better gauge your habits in regards to coming and going.

LAURIE90805 said...


Anonymous said...

I just had someone that has been riding slow past my house and stoppin down from it the past few days. so i confronted them. they said they are investigating a neighbor of mine so that was why they were stopped taking pics. would they tell someone this? seems odd they would tell me they are investigating them,especially with them being family.

Anonymous said...

That's it?

Anonymous said...

why every time I turn on my computer or be in the middle of doing something on my computer, I can't doing anything until my next door neighbor make a comment on the other side of the wall " OK you can go head and use it".